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Welcome to Glasshoppers

Our mission is to share our fascination and creation of glass products with everyone so that they may experience the joy of colour

Welcome to our home on the internet! We are a couple of crazy glass artists who love experimenting with all types of glasswork. The magic of glass has ensnared us and forced our creative juices to flow as glass, whether it is fused or stained glass or leaded glass, can brighten any window or door and enhance any home and add a special ambiance wherever it is used. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and service delivery.

We also make glass items for the garden where the glass item catches the sunlight, twinkling and sparkling as only glass can, thereby creating a delightful surprise for gardeners and visitors.

All our projects begin as glass sheets which are then cut up and processed in different ways to create beautiful pieces of art. We love what we do and are passionate about glass and we would love to hear from you. With our enthusiasm and dedication, you cannot go wrong! We strive for excellence and this is very apparent in our work.

If you happen upon something in our gallery that appeals to you, please remember that each piece is unique, and although we are able to use the same design, the end result may vary slightly.

Commissions for Stained or Leaded Glass

Whatever your ideas for glass within your home or garden, we would love to help. Fused glass for walls, Stained Glass Windows and Doors or Leaded Lights are just some of the projects that we undertake.

Stained glass windows and doors will make your home more desirable to prospective buyers and add character and instant curb appeal to your home. Your imagination is the only limitation and Wally and Jen are only to happy to help and guide you in order to achieve your own special masterpiece. Stained glass adds elegance, tranquility and beauty to your home and can match your existing decor. Patterns can be created as desired. The atmosphere, beauty and enjoyment of stained glass windows is beyond description.

If you are a serious buyer for Stained Glass Doors and Windows, contact us with any ideas or colour specifications that you may have, we will produce a design for you.

Although we are limited to what is available in the country from the major importers, we try to obtain or match your glass of choice.

Commissions for Fused Glass Art

Fused glass is the term used for a range of techniques of melting together glass pieces. Slumping is the term used for taking a piece of glass and letting it melt and mould into a form or onto a mold i.e. a dish or plate is slumped. The temperature of the glass is of paramount importance in each technique. We use the processes of fusing, slumping and kiln carving to produce a range of products and art pieces. Please have a look at our gallery.

The art of warm glass is very exciting as sometimes a small disaster happen in the kiln as different pieces of glass react to the heat which occasionally results in a “Happy Accident”. Most of the time, however, everything works out as planned.

With fused glass commissions, we must stress the fact that each piece is individual and it is highly unlikely that one will get an identical piece in a second firing.


We will inform you of where we are exhibiting as we display our products at various craft markets throughout the year. We do not know the exact dates yet for this year but will update the website as soon as we have completed our bookings.

Shipping Terms

We are only able to deliver in South Africa at present and use couriers for delivery purposes, if you are not within our own delivery area. As each piece is absolutely unique, we will obtain a quote from our couriers and advise you prior to sending.


As each piece is hand-crafted and unique, every commission is quoted individually. Should you wish to chat about pricing, we are a phone call away and will gladly chat through the various products and provide you with an approximate pricing.

Each commission will require a deposit of 40% before work commences

Fifty shades of color?

Brighten up your living space with our stunning & custom made stained glass lamp shades!

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Mosaic on the menu?

At Glasshoppers, we don't just focus on stained glass but also in Mosiac / Sundry Artwork!

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